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1 an impression that something might be the case; "he had an intuition that something had gone wrong" [syn: intuition, suspicion]
2 the act of bending yourself up together v : arch one's back [syn: hump, hunch forward, hunch over]

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  1. A stooped or curled posture; a slouch.
    The old man walked with a hunch.
  2. A theory, idea, or guess.
    I have a hunch they'll find a way to solve the problem.



  1. To slouch, stoop, curl, or lean.
    Do not hunch over your computer if you want to avoid neck problems.

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Hunch may refer to:
  • An intuitive reckoning
  • A forward bend in one's body, such as that from a crushed vertebra
  • A parody of Derryn Hinch played by Steve Vizard on Australian television show Fast Forward
  • A Dance attributed to Hasil Adkins
  • The Hunch Backs, a mountain in Hong Kong
  • A term used in Southern California and parts of Appalachia to describe sex.

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